Canal Wharf


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Contained by the Willebroekkaai on one side and the Akenkaai on the other, Canal Wharf nv develops a mixed urban development with 4 apartment buildings of about 8 levels high. We find some commercial areas on the ground floor, and apartments above. On the inner court, a 7 meter high green hill will be built on top of the cellarís new roof slab. The existing buildings are demolished, only the existing cellar is maintained and extended.
The structure is constructed of walls of reinforced concrete and calcium silicate blocks, and precast concrete floor slabs (prestressed or not). The roof slab above the cellar under the inner court is designed as a floor slab in post-tensioned concrete.

building site

Willebroekkaai, Brussels


Canal Wharf


  • Stéphane Beel Architects
  • 51N4E
  • Architectesassoc.

main contractor

  • Valens (phase 1)

floor surface

43.500 m²

building time

(phase 1)
site start: January 2017
site end: due 2023