Barco One Campus


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With this project, the Barco technology company wishes to significantly extend its campus in Kortrijk from its existing 30,000 m² to 56,000 m².

In addition to a spectacular main building in a circular design with a diameter of 70 metres, there will also be two rectangular annex buildings, interlinked by a connecting corridor. In addition to offices, these structures will also house R&D facilities, laboratories, meeting centres, an auditorium and a restaurant.

The circular main building will consist of a steel structure for the support of the glass facades and roof and a concrete construction - largely cast in situ - for the supporting walls and floor plates. The rectangular annexes will be made from prefabricated concrete units.

building site

President Kennedypark, Kortrijk




  • Jaspers-Eyers Architects

main contractor

  • Cordeel

floor surface

26.050 m²

building time

start site: end 2013
end site: May 2016