Nieuw Zuid


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A total of eight residential towers will be built on Nieuw Zuid, the future residential estate behind the new courthouse on the Bolivarplaats.

Zuiderzicht, as block 6 is called, will be 80 meters high and contains 132 housing units, spread over 25 building layers, and a hotel with 5 building layers. The residential tower will fully meet the passive house standard. The building will be constructed from a rectangular central residential area in the middle, and surrounded by a grid in the shape of a parallelogram, in which terraces will be embedded.

The building will be constructed of a massive concrete core and an 'inner facade' of reinforced concrete columns and beams, and massive concrete slabs. Around this, a parallelogram shaped exo-skeleton will be constructed from columns and beams in architectural concrete and wooden terraces in cross-laminated timber.

Blocks 9A and 9B are a middle high and high residential building complex, supplemented with offices, commercial areas and community areas, and a 3 level underground car park which also houses technical rooms, bicycle stores and storages.

Be sure to check out the timelapse for the evolution of block 6 from July to December 2017.

building site

Nieuw Zuid, Antwerp


Triple Living


  • KCAP Architects&Planners (block 6)
  • evr-Architecten (block 6)
  • Bureau Bouwtechniek (costs expert and site supervision block 6)
  • Styfhals & Partners (block 9A)
  • Baumschlager Eberle Vaduz (block 9A)
  • C.F. Møller Danmark (block 9B)
  • BRUT (block 9B)

main contractor

  • Interbuild

floor surface

block 6: ± 21.000 m²
block 9A: 16.056 m²
block 9B: 25.936 m²

building time

block 6: site start: November 2016 | site end: December 2019
block 9A: site start: August 2016 | site end: October 2018
block 9B: site start: January 2017 | site end: January 2020