6 reasons to join our team

Here is one reason for you: because, like us, you are passionate about everything that has to do with structural engineering. But that is not the essence. The essence is that our employees can grow with the company in a sustainable way. On all levels. Have a look below to learn how we do this.

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top clients and top colleagues

Our focus on structural engineering results in great jobs for top clients, but also in top colleagues with the same passion. This way, we are all connected by the same goal, customers as well as employees.

growing together

Teamwork makes us strong. It ensures that we grow as individuals and as a company.  We believe that when an individual grows, the team and the organization grows as well. That is why we attach great importance to growth and development.

personal development

Coaching and education is in the Establis DNA. Job training and courses for specific skills, but also training focused on your personal development. Establis offers a wide range of courses.

work and private life in balance

Happy employees are better employees. A cliché, but certainly not an empty slogan. We work on the well-being of our employees every day.

open, stimulating environment

No barriers between the different levels and an open culture of debate. This stimulates us every day. That is why we often organize meetings where we think about new technologies, come up with ideas and develop them.

maximum job satisfaction

Challenging projects to satisfy your hunger and then sit back and relax afterwards? Check. If you like a challenge, then you are at the right place with us. Very often, we are not even dealing with logical issues. Our projects transcend pure science.


Apply now. jobs@establis.eu

There’s a lot of room at Establis for new people.